St.Mark's Bell Tower

The St.Mark’s Bell Tower served both as a watchtower and a bell tower in Venice.

The St.Mark’s Bell Tower has been restored more than once, and also partly rebuilt at various times. In July 1902 it collapsed, old age, weak foundations, and lightning damage were blamed. The Campanile fell down in a neat pyramid of rubble, the only victim was the custodian’s cat. It was rebuilt exactly “as it was, where it was”, as the town council promised and it was completed in 1912.

The St.Mark’s Bell Tower is crowned by a pyramid-shaped spire with a golden angel weathervane that turns with the wind. The Campanile also contains the five bells of St. Mark’s, which can be heard across Venice tolling out the hours.

The St. Mark’s Bell Tower

The view from the top (there is a lift) is superb. Sansovino’s little Loggetta at the foot of the tower was also rebuilt, using bits and pieces found in the rubble. In the 18th century, the Loggetta was where the state lottery was drawn.

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